Hi Jeff, I just wanted to say Thank You for telling Jeremy's story that you knew. I had always thought that Pearl Jam's song was based on a true story, but I have always hoped it wasn't, I mean who could live with that? I refused to watch Saddam Hussan's exicution because that is just something I don't want bouncing about in my skull for the rest of my life. I can not even begine to imagine what went through those students minds, when Jeremy Delle killed himself in front of them. For a long time I have listed to PJ's song wand loved the melody and video. I can never watch it without a heavy heart. Thanks Jeff for writing what you know.

Amanda D


Un texto conmovedor, bien escrito, con enorme despliegue de sinceridad en sus letras, que se bastan a sí mismas para contarnos esta historia, tan trágica como esperanzadora; íntima, literaria y socialmente, es un trabajo profundamente humano. Gran acierto, gran mano de escritor, una fuga de escape sin final.

De entre los mejores que he leído en un blog.

Recibe un cordial saludo,


Filipovic Igor

Sorry but i am not god in English so i must write on Serbian. Kako je to cudno,zainteresovanost za sudbinu decaka,a za kog ne znam ni kako je izgledao! Sto se tice samog texta u nacelu se slazem sa njim,ali ipak mislim da ne trebamo suditi eddiju za slobodu da se na svoj nacin izrazi o ovoj sudbini i sudbini verovatno mnogih drugih tragicnih mladosti.Ne znam ni ja sta hocu tacno da kazem jer su mi osecanja izmesana,ali ovo znam - RIP Jeremy Delle.

Kim A.P.

I just read your account of Jeremy. It was very well written. Honest and candid. Great work!

Luke K

Hey Jeff,

I'm 20 years old and only just heard the story about Jeremy.

It intrigued me to find out more.

Thank you for sharing your story, i think you truly reflect what most of us would of felt, because the truth is, we don't always feel sad, we don't always react they way that movies and TV shows would dictate.

This is a Great bit of text jeff.. and your written account will strongly intertwine with the main contents of the Jeremy Delle story.

Thanks Again


Hi Jeff!

I must say I think you wrote a wonderful piece about Jeremy's story, or at least what you knew of it. I am 14 years old and recently a girl of my school shot herself in a room right next to the room where her six year old sister was. Her name was Liliana and after her mother leaving the house to go shopping, she told her sister she would shot herself and then grabed her father's gun and...well, we know what happened next. I did not knew her, but I saw her many times in my school. She was 16, she won beauty contests and was very pretty, anyone would say she had everything. I had a bad time dealing with that, and it wasn't easy to get over it as everybody seemed to only talk about that subject in the following weeks. I couldn't look at her friends and see them cry. It was painful for anybody in those days. I felt really sorry for her familly and friends. Her father was on a pillgramige when he knew about the suicide, and I can only imaginne how a father feels in that situation. I didn't talk much about it since I was shocked, it's hard to deal with death, but even harder when death strikes a young person. I allways tought her suicide was something stupid but I never commented that with nobody. I still don't know if I was right or wrong. Maybe in a set of years I'll understand. I don't know if you felt the same thing but it is very confusing to see this kind of tragedy happen to a person of our school, someone like us. Now, 3 months later, everybody almost forgot what happened, except her close friends (I knew many of them) and familly.

I somehow felt related with your story, so thank you for posting it.

Guilherme Sousa, Portugal


Interesting Article... I like it, except for the part where you attempt to completely attack Eddie and Pearl Jam. When they wrote the song, they were a small-time Seattle Grunge band who were inspired by the story to write a song. They never intended for it to be a meal ticket or a ticket to stardom (If you know anything about Pearl Jam, they HATED being famous). They were just inspired and decided to write a song partly based upon Jeremy (if you read any interviews with the band, they don't claim it to be 100% about Jeremy, or his mindset), and they generalized it to include the most common reasons for committing suicide. The reason they generalized it is b/c the song is about how nothing changes when you commit suicide...except ur dead... ur dead and life goes on... thats why in the music video it says the time, weather temperature, etc. The point is that life remains the same except you are dead, so your suicide does nothing. The part about Jeremy spoke in class today is simply mocking the idea that suicide should be used to express oneself... You completely misinterpreted the song, its intentions, and its motivation... maybe you should have done some searching for facts before you posted this?

Jeff Ellis

The story's not about Pearl Jam. No, I didn't reasearch Pearl Jam before writing this story but why should I? The story isn't about whether or not their a good band or what the song is actually supposed to mean. It's about how Jeremy's suicide affected me and, as far as Eddie Vedder is concerned, he's only important in how his song affected me. Notice that the title is "Jeffrey's Spoken." Not Eddie's Spoken. Open your eyes and look closer.

Jeff Ellis

Pardon me -- that should be "...whether or not they're a good band..."


interesting, but did you ever consider that maybe Jeremy shot himself so he could be memoralized forever in a Pearl Jam song.

Jeff Ellis


No offense meant to anyone but I am so fucking sick of talking about Jeremy Wade Delle.


I was in class with you that day. However I wasn't the jerk asking those poor kids to open up and tell him what it's like to step over your dead classmate. The silence was deafening. Very good writeup. Exactly as I remember it too.


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